Fire Safety in Victoria, TX

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Don’t put yourself or your workforce at risk. If you work in a dangerous industry, you need the proper protective gear. US Safety & Promotional carries the kind of equipment and clothing workers need to stay safe. From flame-resistant pants and jackets to precision air monitors, US Safety & Promotional has everything you need to keep your workplace safe.

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We protect everything from the clothes on your back to the air you breathe

US Safety & Promotional carries a wide variety of top-quality safety equipment and clothing in Victoria, TX. Our FR clothing protects firefighters and people who work in dangerous conditions, like oil field workers, lab scientists and auto mechanics. Visit US Safety & Promotional for essentials like:


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Learn more about your local chemical and fire safety pros

Learn more about your local chemical and fire safety pros

US Safety & Promotional opened for business more than 20 years ago in Victoria, TX. We’re a family-owned company with early ties to the oil business. We started out making safety equipment for oil field workers and embroidering uniforms for them.

Over the years, we’ve added on numerous products and services to our offerings. We’re certified GameGuard and Pelican distributors in Victoria, Texas, too. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our safety equipment pros.