Breathe Easier Knowing the Air You Breathe is Clean

Buy air monitors from our safety equipment store in Victoria, TX

There's nothing more dangerous than a safety issue you can't see. If you don't have an air monitor in place, you have no way of knowing whether your carbon monoxide levels are elevated. US Safety & Promotional can help.

We carry top-quality hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide detectors to keep your employees safe from harmful chemical fumes. Visit our store today to learn more.

safety equipment in Victoria, Texas.

Choose proven-reliable monitors to protect your workforce

We carry air monitors from BW Technologies, one of the most respected brands in the business. When your air monitor goes off, it will serve as a warning that you need to get to fresh air quickly.

Don’t wait to order an air monitor until an accident occurs. Call 361-576-9930 today to place an order or discuss your needs with a safety equipment pro in Victoria, Texas.