Stay Safe, No Matter How Dangerous Your Job May Be

Shop for fall protection equipment in Victoria, TX

Oil rig, fire safety and construction workers need to worry about more than office workers. These jobs often require working at great heights. It's essential that your employees are strapped in as securely as possible when they're high above the ground.

US Safety & Promotional carries reliable fall protection equipment at our store in Victoria, Texas. Visit us today to discuss your needs with one of our safety equipment pros.

Protect yourself during dangerous operations

Protect yourself during dangerous operations

We carry all sizes and styles of harnesses and lanyards at US Safety & Promotional. Some of our most popular fall protection products include:

  • DBI Sala and Protecta full-body harnesses
  • 3- and 4-foot lanyards
  • 100% tie-off lanyards

Protect yourself and your employees with the safest and strongest protective harnesses you can find in Victoria, TX. Call 361-576-9930 right now with any questions about the brands we carry at US Safety & Promotional.